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Default Divorce
Divorce Divorce Default Divorce

Legal Help for a Default Divorce

If one spouse fails to respond to a divorce petition filed by the other within the time proscribed by law – or misses a court hearing – that spouse is in default.


A default divorce can be a simple way to end a marriage, but it does carry some serious risks. Contact The Law Office of Morgan Smith of Nashville today to protect your rights during your divorce.

Reap the Rewards of a Default Divorce

If your spouse does not file an answer to your complaint, and does not appear in court, you may seek a default judgment in which the court will grant your divorce and typically award you with what you have requested in your complaint.

Beware of the Downside of a Default Divorce

Engage a reputable attorney for advice about defaulting on a divorce, including:

  • The timeline to overturn a default divorce judgment against you

  • Understanding the rights you give up by defaulting

  • Protection against failing to serve paperwork in a timely manner

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