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Contested Divorce Divorce Contested Divorce Contested Divorce

Reliable Legal Services for Contested Divorce

When divorcing parties aren’t on speaking terms and can’t agree about the divorce or its terms, contact The Law Office of Morgan Smith of Nashville for a FREE initial consultation to discuss a contested divorce.


Contested divorce requires court appearances to establish terms for ending your marriage, fighting for your rights, and following the decision of the presiding judge.

Know the Disadvantages of Contested Divorce

When a contested divorce is necessary, it tends to take longer than an uncontested divorce, costs more money in attorney's fees and court fees, and causes greater emotional turmoil for everyone involved.

Learn the Steps in Your Divorce

  • Discovery: An organized exchange of information between the parties

  • Mediation: A third party meets with both sides to discuss and resolve issues

  • Business valuations: To determine equitable, amicable division of assets

  • Custody / child support: Who minor children live with and finances for their care

Let Us Protect Your Interests in Cases of Divorce

Trust us for assistance related to uncontested divorce, default divorce, prenuptial agreements, post-divorce modifications, and enforcement of divorce decrees. Get weekend and after-hours appointments and pay our normal rate. Ask about flexible payment plans!

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